Welcome to the home of the Adeo Framework

Adeo Framework is a fourth generation language that enables development of platform independent business applications.

· NEW! Version 1.7.7 of Adeo Framework released

Version 1.7.7 of Adeo Framework has just been released. Improvements and fixes in this release include:

  • Brand new Scheduler element
  • DevExpress ASP.NET Web and Windows Forms Renderers updated to DevExpress version 11.1.7

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The next generation of application development

Application development of today is based on third generation languages (C++, C#, Java etc.) where developers write numerous lines of code in order to instruct the computer how a certain business task is to be done.

Adeo Framework takes a declarative approach to application development. By using Adeo, developers use a fourth generation language and instruct the computer what business task is to be done: how the application and its flow should look, where should the application retrieve its data, how should it be displayed to the used and where the results of the business actions should be stored.

This information is stoed in a set of declarative XML files, that serve as the main input point to the Framework. The taks of the Adeo Framework is to parse these XML files in a working application for the target system.

As a result or this declarative approcah, Adeo Framework takes one set of XML files and transforms it into an ASP.NET Web and/or Windows Client-Server application.

Rapid and domain-oriented application development

By using Adeo Framework, developers describe the application with easy-to-learn and understand XML files. This minimizes the amount of effort that developers spend on technology and platform-specific details and maximizes the amount of effort that can be spent od the very root of the problem the application addresses.

Furthermore, with Adeo Framework business analysts and domain experts can develop the application themselves – no technology or platform-dependent knowledge is needed to produse working, proffessional applications.

Cross-environment applications

A set of declarative XML files, describing the application, serves as a single point of entry for the Adeo Framework. Different Adeo renderers available take this set of files and produce ASP.NET Web and/or Windows Client-Server application.

This enables you to learn one simple language, write and maintain one single set of files and produce powerful application instances for various technologies.

Insulation from technology details and change

No need to take care of technology or environment details, Adeo Framework takes care of these details for you! Describe the application with easy to learn and understand XML files and Adeo Framework will take care of the rest.